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The term Gallowglass is a corrupted Anglicization of the Gaelic term gallóglaigh ( pl.) and gallóglach (sing.), meaning literally – “ foreign young warrior.” It is clear that the Gallowglass warriors were markedly different from the natives, and their name was immediately connected with their foreign status.

But it was their prowess in the military arts that made them stand out, and carve their place in the history of the world. As the Norse-Gael identity became common, so did the Gallowglass. Around the early 13th century, several Norse-Gaelic clans arose in Scotland, and it is from these clans that the Gallowglass warriors came. For centuries, these Norse-Gaels enjoyed semi-independence, and were historically known as Lords of the Isles

For the most part, their power rested on their fleets of galleys and their notorious GallowGlass warriors. That is why they mostly hailed from the Hebrides. These numerous islands were home to several prominent Scottish clans with Norse ancestry. True soldiers of fortune, these mercenaries never shied from warfare. They would lend their axes to any man who paid sufficiently

One of those clans was the Clan MacNeacail (McNicoll) of the Isle of Skye. Our MD, Richie Nicoll is a descendant of the clan.

Richie Nicoll

Group CEO and Founder

Richie is a multi-award winning Entrepreneur, winning Scottish Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year and Employer of the Year 2022, Business Person of the Year Finalist 2021, 2022, 2023, Richie has over 25 years Military and Security experience taking him operationally to Kosovo, Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

During his Military career Richie served in the Allied Command Europe (ACE) Mobile Force, training for Arctic Warfare, latterly becoming an Advanced Electronic Countermeasures Operator in the Bomb Disposal Regiment.

Since leaving the Military, Richie has held various posts from Operations Coordinator at the British Embassy in Kabul, Head of Operations in Basrah and latterly Security Consultant for a large International Oil Company in Iraq.

Richie is passionate about helping other companies protect their staff and assets as well as look at other ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

David Boyes

Managing Director GalloGlas Security & integrated Training

David over the years has gained extensive security knowledge as a versatile Senior Operations and Security Director with wide ranging security experience gained from previous military, civil and commercial career paths.

David’s strengths are working at corporate level, implementing, and working within senior operational and facility-based environments identifying security strategies, ensuring that emergency and business continuity risks are effectively managed consistent with the appropriate risk, threat, and crime prevention strategies required.

He has delivered operational and emergency planning and active response strategies accordingly in high risk, testing and pressured environments at Regional Operations and Senior Security Manager level, including the training of corporate senior and globally deployed personnel.

David has a proven ability in policy making and briefing at corporate level including design and implementation of policy and procedure. David’s experience focusing efforts on both physical and personal security analysis, production and dissemination of security documentation, ensuring that good planning and core requirements are met, with the direction of business sustained

Margaret Maloney

Operations Director


Chris Milne

Installations Engineer

Awaiting Text

Paul Kirk

Installation Engineer

 Paul brings a wealth of experience to GalloGlas Security & Telecoms, with over 30 years accumulative service within the Security and Communications fields. Paul has seen operational service throughout Germany, The Middle East and the UK with the Royal Artillery before becoming an Engineer in the Communications Industry, installing TV's and Satellite systems throughout the UK. In his spare time Paul enjoys cycling, walking, and travelling and has carried out a raft of fundraising combining all three hobbies. An interesting fact about Paul.... He used to be the One O'Clock Gunner at Edinburgh Castle!!

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