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GalloGlas Security Solutions can engage in your business and ensure your objectives are met with a full risk mitigation package. We provide a fully comprehensive range of security training and services to meet your requirements. Our Subject Matter Experts bring a wealth of Security experience collated over many years working in the industry with an impeccable proven track record home or abroad.

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“We Connect and Protect What Matters to you”


GalloGlas Security Consultants are highly experienced and registered to attend your premises to carry out a full Security Risk Assessment and design a bespoke CCTV package for you.  We will provide a comprehensive professional solution for our clients from the front end IP camera to back end storage to ensure our clients get exactly what they desire, whilst establishing a dedicated technical service team for the whole project (and if that isn’t enough we will provide a huge 2 year hardware warranty with ALL systems).

We have a huge array of systems from basic in-house solutions with fixed cameras to network aligned PTZ systems.  We even have systems that can be integrated with our AJAX Alarm Systems!

Whether our clients have a flat to secure or a holiday park to secure… GalloGlas Security Solutions have a solution for all.

GalloGlas have various systems for various budgets from commercial to domestic.  We have installed cameras throughout Scotland in houses, garages, warehouses and play parks.

Our engineers will visit your site, assess the requirement and provide you with a bespoke system to suit. (various photos of our jobs in folder)


Through our fantastic partnership with Kingdom Services, GalloGlas’ can offer our clients redeployable CCTV Towers, specifically designed to deliver live high definition images via 4G mobile transmission. in remote/temporary areas, be it a building site or in the middle of a forest.

As an all-in-one surveillance system, it can combines fixed and/or PTZ cameras to our clients specification and can also be combined with our wireless alarm system to offer our clients a completely bespoke security solution

The Redployable CCTV Tower is easy to install, easy to maintain and can be moved to new locations to tackle fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and other surveillance requirements. with ease.

Live and recorded footage can be accessed via 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to remotely view and download the video via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC or we also offer a 24/7 monitoring solution for complete peace of mind.


Ajax is smart, reliable, and lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat and help prevent massive troubles.

The most award-winning wireless security system in Europe

  • Deters burglars.
  • Prevents fire.
  • Detects flooding.
  • Streams security cameras.
  • Controls appliances.

No wires. No worries. Ajax Wireless Security System = Ultimate Protection

forget about the security systems of the past!  Ajax Alarm Systems are the future for both home and business with the ability to integrate with your CCTV system, all operated from an app on your iPhone or Android device. In the past security systems included an “ugly” white box bolted onto the front of your premises and lots of wires which had to be concealed or painted over. They take a long time to set up and maintain and aren’t easy or fun to use. They just existed.

In order to seem modern, old-fashioned manufacturers began to create mobile applications for their systems. These attempts, however, have backfired on them: minimal functionality, out of date design, and infrequent updating have only confirmed this archaic approach and inability to keep up with the pace of change.

With the MotionProtect detectors, you can secure the perimeter of your house and freely move indoors. If a stranger breaks in, the system will raise an alarm direct to your smart phone or if you have GalloGlas monitoring, then it will go straight to their alarm receiving centre.

The law in Scotland has changed and as of 1 February 2022 every home now needs to have interlinked fire alarms.

Being interlinked means if one alarm goes off, they all go off. You may not always hear the alarm closest to the fire, especially if you’re somewhere else in the house. An interlinked system will alert you immediately and can help save lives.

If you’re a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your home meets the new fire alarms standard as soon as possible. If you are worried about what the new legislation means for your home insurance, please speak to your insurance company directly.

For information on any Security or Safety Solutions above, please email Security@GalloGlas.Org or call 01387 257807

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